Chapters 1-3
Taste, Transformation, & Health

Chapter 1 : Taste

Fermentation is a creative space in which some of the most compelling flavours arise. An apple growing in the North of England will ferment very differently to the same one growing in the South. This is because the uniqueness of place, also known as terroir, enables different bacteria to grow and consequently ferment the food – opening a whole new dimension of complex tastes.


Chapter 2 : Transformation

Centuries ago, fermentation was considered magic. They placed food in salt water brines to preserve them for the next season but sometime later, the food looked and tasted different. No one knew how! Luckily, now we do – the transformation is due to the anaerobic digestion of the food by probiotic bacteria that create unique flavours and textures throughout the fermentation process. Week 4 is basically a different product to week 1 – take a look yourself!


Chapter 3 : Health

All this talk of bacteria probably has you feeling uneasy. Fret not however, because probiotic bacteria in our gut has been crucial to our evolution and adaptation as a species and might just hold the key to our continued survival. The WHO has listed antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats of our time. By fighting them with antibiotics, we have only created more resistant strains of harmful bacteria but probiotics is seen as a possible alternative since a diverse gut microflora is a sure way to significantly enhance your immune system.




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