Our Mission

Between the binary opposites of fresh and rotten exists a creative space in which some of the most unique and compelling tastes arise. This creative space is fermentation. Fermentation has been around since the dawn of civilisation but the techniques and rituals that were cultivated by our ancestors, over millennia are at risk of being lost forever.

The microbiomes of our guts are lacking in diversity because of the large amount of processed, hyper-hygienic foods that define our current food system. In order to boost our immune systems and minimise antibiotics that can create more lethal strains of harmful bacteria, we need to reintegrate fermentation into our lives.

This is The Brinery for home, an at-home fermentation vessel that is the physical manifestation of our pop up restaurant. This is a protest of the homogenization of food flavours and processes that have engulfed our planet. We want you to be healthier. We want you to create unique, new flavours. We want you to Get Cultured.


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