We are Counter Cultured.

Born in Paris, France, Marie studied Engineering at École Centrale de Lyon. She has worked as a packaging designer for a year, a UX designer for a home appliances company, and as a design researcher in the team of Saint Gobain, a construction material company. She loves to cook and more than anything else to share food with her friends and family, but is very concerned with the current state of processed foods and sustainability within the food industry.


Born in Jordan, and raised all over the world, Bassam has studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Australia. He has worked as Design Engineer at Sahar Madanat Design, Business Transformation Consultant at IBM, and a Future Academy Designer at AKQA. Bassam believes that food is the essence of who we are because we created tools to preserve food and one of those first tools was food fermentation which is consistent yet unique in every culture in the world. By innovating around food, he believes we’re innovating for culture, for our health, and for the environment.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, U.S., Ahreum studied Creative Advertising and Graphic Design at Michigan State University. She has worked as a package designer at Kay Beauty, a Designer for Treble.FM, an Art Director for Media Sandbox, and has worked for Ghostly International doing branding, events, and starting the library collection. Ahreum loves to listen to podcasts and watches way too much TV in her free time. She believes food is culture, and culture is food, and that food culture has the power to change people’s attitudes and behaviours about the way we consume within the food system.


Born and raised in Jabalpur, India, Pratik studied Communication Design at the National Institute of Design, India. He has worked as a User Experience Designer at GE and producer at VH1 . Additionally, Pratik is an avid illustrator and animator. He loves to cook and currently investigating various aspects of food and its impact on culture.


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